Start Smart With Honey Bees

Tips for beginning beekeepers

Hive after a bear attack
Beekeeping 101

13 Mistakes New Beekeepers Make

Beekeepers at all levels of experience make mistakes. As a newbie though you’ll probably be more prone to some of them. Here’s a list to help you avoid some of them (including our own foul-ups).

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Keep your smoker handy
General Beekeeping

How To Inspect A Beehive

To inspect a beehive, open it and carefully remove frames for visual examination. Inspections are best done midday in favorable weather conditions. Try to minimize the disruption to the bees’ activity. Among other things, inspections help assess the colony’s health and identify issues requiring remediation.

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Melanie and Jim

I’m Melanie Howard. My husband, Jim, and I want to share with you everything we’ve learned about beekeeping since we started our hobby. Maybe the the ups and downs we’ve experienced can help you along the way.

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