Electric Fence Cost Estimator

Updated on September 14th, 2022

The Electric Fence Cost Estimator below is provided in conjunction with our article Protect Beehives From Bears (How To Set Up An Electric Fence). Please see that article for a detailed discussion of bears and electric fencing.

You may also find information in our accompanying YouTube video.

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How To Protect Beehives From Bears With An Electric Fence
Electric Fence Cost Estimator

Electric Fence Cost Estimator

Estimate the cost of installing an electric fence to protect your beehives. We assume a simple rectangle for simplicity. Assume a DIY project so no labor costs are added. Estimates are based on pricing from reputable suppliers as of September 2022 taking into account recent inflation. Costs may vary by location, based on sales, etc., and do not include any sales tax or shipping costs. ONCE IT'S COMPLETE, USE THE LAST SECTION TO EMAIL A COPY TO YOURSELF FOR REFERENCE.

Fence Plan

What type of energizer will you use?
How many wires do you plan to have? (At least 5 recommended)
What type of fence posts will you use?
What type of wire will you use?

Electric Fence Cost Estimate Summary


Unit Cost


Total Cost


Fence posts


Wiring 5% added for connections, etc.

/100 feet


for 10

Ground rods & clamps

Misc 5%

Sales tax avg of 6.5%



Costs NOT INCLUDED in the estimate:

  • Shipping costs - Many online suppliers will provide free shipping if the order exceeds a minimum dollar amount.
  • Special considerations  such as tools you may need and do not have (post-hole diggers, etc.).

Email a CSV file of this calculation to yourself for easy reference while putting together a shopping list.

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