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Beekeeping 101

What Is A Hive Tool? (An Every Day Beekeeping Tool)

A hive tool is a multipurpose implement designed for beekeeping. Hive tools come in different designs, but all serve two primary functions. First, hive tools separate and lift hive components stuck together by propolis. Second, they scrape off excess propolis and comb. A hive tool is the most used beekeeping tool.

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Beekeeping 101

How To Set Up Your Beehive (It’s Easy!)

Set up your beehive in advance so you can install the bees as soon as possible after they arrive. A starting Langstroth hive only needs a bottom board, entrance reducer, one deep brood box, and the inner and outer covers. Adding a brood box between the covers provides room for a top feeder.

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Inspecting a frame with bees and brood in beekeeping protective clothing
Beekeeping Equipment

Beekeeping Protective Clothing (A Guide For Beginners)

Beekeeping protective clothing consists of veils to protect your eyes and face; beekeeping suits and jackets for most of your body; gloves for hands; and boots for feet and ankles. The amount of protective clothing you wear depends on your comfort level and what you are doing with the bees.

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Beekeeping classes
Beekeeping 101

Beekeeping Education For Beginners (Learn The Basics)

Begin your beekeeping education with various sources: beekeeping books, courses (in-person or online), beekeeping associations, beekeeping blogs and forums, and YouTube videos. Books and courses are the best places to start as they present information in an organized, orderly fashion.

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Beekeeping 101

Best Varroa Mite Treatment (How To Choose)

Varroa mite treatments have limitations (temperature, brood, population, and honey flow), and should be varied to avoid resistance. Choosing the best miticide requires a decision tree based on circumstances. Using our tree below, formic and oxalic acids are best for full season coverage.

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