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General Beekeeping

Why Do Bees Leave A Hive? (Absconding)

Honey bees leave their hive en masse in two ways: absconding and swarming. Each of these phenomena occurs for different reasons and has a different impact on your beehive. Absconding bee colonies abandon a hive leaving little behind, save some very young bees and small amounts of brood and food. Bees abscond if their hive

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Beekeeping 101

Best Varroa Mite Treatment (How To Choose)

Varroa mite treatments have limitations (temperature, brood, population, and honey flow), and should be varied to avoid resistance. Choosing the best miticide requires a decision tree based on circumstances. Using our tree below, formic and oxalic acids are best for full season coverage.

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Beekeeping record options
General Beekeeping

Beekeeping Records: Hive Tracks App Review

Hive Tracks, available as a native mobile app and via a web browser, tracks your beekeeping data to help manage your apiary. The developer of Hive Tracks has a version designed for large commercial beekeepers. However, in this review, we will discuss the software aimed at backyard hobbyists and sideliners.

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Varroa destructor mite
General Beekeeping

Comparing Varroa Mite Treatments (What Beekeepers Use)

Comparing varroa mite treatments among beekeepers we polled, the most popular and effective treatment against varroa mites is oxalic acid. Another organic substance, formic acid (sold as Mite Away Quick Strips® or Formic Pro®) and Apivar®, a synthetic miticide, were 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

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