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Varroa destructor mite
General Beekeeping

Comparing Varroa Mite Treatments (What Beekeepers Use)

Comparing varroa mite treatments among beekeepers we polled, the most popular and effective treatment against varroa mites is oxalic acid. Another organic substance, formic acid (sold as Mite Away Quick Strips® or Formic Pro®) and Apivar®, a synthetic miticide, were 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

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Honey bees on sunflower

What Do Honey Bees Eat?

Honey bees collect pollen (protein), nectar (carbs), and water as primary food sources and use them as building blocks for honey, bee bread, and royal jelly.

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I’m Melanie Howard. My husband, Jim, and I want to share with you everything we’ve learned about beekeeping since we started our hobby. Maybe the the ups and downs we’ve experienced can help you along the way.

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