Start Smart With Honey Bees

Tips for Beginning Beekeepers

Paint and color selections
Beekeeping Equipment

Should I Paint My Beehive?
(Do It!)

Painting your hives has the primary benefit of protecting your equipment from the elements and extending their useful life. There are other reasons you might want to paint them.

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Top Bar Hive
Beekeeping Equipment

What Is A Horizontal Hive?

A horizontal hive is generally a single-box beehive designed so that honey bees build their comb structures along a horizontal path rather than vertically. We cover the common types you’ll find and their pros and cons.

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Our barn
General Beekeeping

Is Beekeeping Agriculture?

Yes. Beekeeping (technically called “apiculture”) is considered a form of agriculture based on standard definitions and everyday usage. Beekeeping is also treated as agriculture (or farming) by the Federal and State governments via regulation and tax codes.

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Beekeeping books on a shelf
General Beekeeping

The 10 Best Beekeeping Books

Educating yourself is one of the important steps in beginning beekeeping. These are books we own and use. All of them are written by noted experts in the field.

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Bees drawing comb on foundationless frame

What Is Honeycomb?

Honeycomb is the six-sided wax cells built by bees to store pollen, nectar and honey. It’s also used to raise brood. Learn about its construction and uses.

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About Us

Melanie and Jim

I’m Melanie Howard. My husband, Jim, and I want to share with you everything we’ve learned about beekeeping since we were newbies 6 years ago. Maybe the the ups and downs we’ve experienced can help you along the way.

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