Deter Bears From Beehives

Set up an electric fence!

Bears like to eat honey, bees and larvae.

One bear visit can irreparably damage your beehives and destroy your colonies.

An electric fence is the best way to keep a hungry bear away from your beehives!

How does an electric fence work?

The energizer sends an electrical pulse through the wires. When a bear touches a wire with its feet on the ground, the electrical circuit is completed through the wire, the bear and the ground.  The resulting shock should deter the bear from further mischief.

An electric fence charger/energizer with at least:      • 0.7 joules, and      • 6,000 volts is the most important component of your fence.

Other things you need to install an electric fence:


Ground rod(s) and clamps - 2nd most important component





Fence posts (wood, metal t-posts or plastic/fiberglass)

Plastic insulators to keep wires from contacting wood or metal posts

Conductive wires (high-tensile, steel, aluminum or polywire)

Gate system for access


Voltage meter to test initial installation and periodic performance

Optional items: cut out switch; wire joint clamps