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We’ve tried quite a few different products and techniques over the years.

The items listed here may not be the most expensive or the highest quality. Our goal is to recommend quality equipment you need to start beekeeping without breaking the bank.

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Bee jacket and gloves

Best Protective Gear

Veils, jackets, suits and gloves for protection when you need it.

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Beekeeping books on a shelf

Best Beekeeping Books

Our favorite reference sources on all things beekeeping.

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Best Beekeeping Tools

Tools you MUST have and tools you may WANT to have.

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10 frame hives with 2 deeps

Best Beginner Kits

Beginning kits that include hives, frames and basic tools to get you started.

Beehives in winter

Best Winterizing Equipment

Feeders, insulation and more gear to help your bees survive the winter,

Varroa mite

Best Varroa Treatments

Our favorite reference sources on beekeeping and related topics.


Best Record Keeping Apps

Digital tools to help you monitor your apiary.


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